How to Conduct an Internal Harassment and Bullying Investigation to Determine Facts and Minimize Liability















Course Description:

This webinar undertakes to explain the process of internal harassment and bullying investigation. Participants will learn how to handle harassment complaints and conduct the investigation to determine facts and minimize liability by analysing evidences, drawing conclusions, writing the formal report outlining the investigation and taking corrective actions where necessary.

Why Should You Attend?

The EEOC requires that employers receiving a complaint, or otherwise learning of alleged harassment in the workplace, to “investigate promptly and thoroughly…take immediate and appropriate corrective action by doing whatever is necessary to end the harassment, make the victim whole by restoring lost employment benefits or opportunities, and prevent the misconduct from recurring”.

That’s a tall order to ensure a just and fair handling of a harassment complaint - an essential order that all organizations are required, by law, to follow. The investigation process is, perhaps, the most critical element in dealing with harassment.

This training program helps in identifying the critical components of harassment/bullying investigation in order to determine correct facts and reducing liabilities.

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Areas Covered in the Webinar:

• To determine if an investigation is necessary
• To discuss the steps of an investigation
• To explore the intricacies of interviewing the accuser, accused and witnesses
• To differentiate between a formal and informal investigative procedures
• To determine credibility of all interviewees
• To draw conclusions following an investigation
• To list necessary elements in writing the formal report outlining the investigation

Who Will Benefit:

• Human resources professionals
• HR training manager
• Investigative officers
• Managers
• Supervisors
• Team leads
• Directors
• Department Head
Instructor Profile:

Dr. Susan Strauss is a national and international speaker, trainer and consultant. Her specialty areas include management/leadership development, organization development, communication, and harassment and bullying. She is an expert witness for discrimination and harassment lawsuits. She trains and consults with business, education, healthcare, law, and government organizations from both the public and private sector.

Dr. Strauss has authored over 30 book chapters, books, and articles in professional journals. She has been featured on 20/20, CBS Evening News, and other television and radio programs as well as interviewed for newspaper and journal articles.

She has her doctorate in organizational leadership, is a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and human services, a master’s degree in community health, and professional certificate in training and development.

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